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In an effort to keep friends, family, and neighbors safe from home fires and property damage, Dryer Vent Cleaning Today continues to service the Mississauga area. Most of us throw on a load of laundry to dry while we are busy doing other things or overnight, rarely being monitored. For the most part, this is no big deal, but when there’s a problem it’s a big problem.

Neglecting the need for dryer vent cleaning services in Mississauga are the number one cause of house fires. This is above cigarettes, candles, and electrical issues. The main reason is because it doesn’t seem like something dangerous and we don’t pay attention. It’s warm, it smells nice, and it gives us comfortable clean clothes to wear.

When our in Mississauga are overdue or worse, ignored, clogged dryer vents can ignite. The small bits of material and lint that collect in vent hoses are highly flammable, and only require a small amount of heat to ignite. Without our service, home fires are common enough. The problem escalates when dealing with commercial properties. In multi-family homes like condos and apartments, it’s very easy to assume that someone else will take care of it and put cleaning dryer vents out of mind. 

The process of cleaning dryer vents and preventing fires is simple. Detach the clamps that hold the hose to your dryer using a flat blade screwdriver, and do the same at the exhaust vent location. Remove the hose and clear the clogged dryer vents of debris with a shopvac. Reverse the process to put everything back together.

When this isn’t possible because you don’t have the equipment, the hose clamps aren’t accessible, or you are managing rental properties, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Dryer Duct Cleaning Mississauga

Dryer Duct Cleaning Mississauga Helps Prevent:

Use professional services in Mississauga to prevent fires, which is the biggest safety issue. Regular clean your dryer vent  also prevents costly expenses. Even a small fire can damage drywall, wood frames, the washing machine, floors, and anything else in close proximity to the dryer. In severe situations, it can take the life of people and pets, and spread to adjacent properties which you will be responsible for. 

The Importance of a Clear Dryer Venting System Mississauga

Frequent Mississauga dryer vent cleaning has a few softer benefits as well. Clogged dryer vents will eventually cause your dryer to trip out with an error code. Dishonest dryer repair professionals are known to recommend replacing your equipment at a far greater cost. 

If you are a property owner, superintendents will receive frequent our services in Mississauga calls and renters will become annoyed resulting in a bad reputation. Similarly, a clogged dryer vent will force the air to escape inside. Depending on the material that’s clogging the vents could cause a foul odor and could cause some health issues for people with compromised immune systems. The small cost of professional work will easily avoid all of this.


Choosing a DRVC for Dryer Vent Cleaning in Mississauga

Dryer Duct Cleaning Mississauga

Obviously, the cost of Mississauga dryer vent cleaning is far lower than the alternatives mentioned above. The main task is to choose the best services in Mississauga. Our team is familiar with all manner of single-family, commercial and multi-family properties resulting in a working knowledge of how to deal with even the most complicated layouts and configurations. Beyond the willingness to climb into small spaces to access your vents and hoses, we also boast equipment powerful enough to clear all of the debris, pride ourselves with a speedy job and commitment to customer service, and will even offer advice on how to prevent clogs and recognize the signs of trouble.

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