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Most often, when your clothes are not drying as quickly as they should, the issue is not with the dryer itself. The vents could be in disrepair as well as the venting configuration, which could cause the dryer to function improperly. As well, there could be a blockage due to lint accumulation, birds’ nest or other such debris.

The experts at Dryer Vent Cleaning Today are trained to detect any issues you may have with your dryer and offer you an estimate for repairs and solutions that will improve the overall performance of your dyers as well as eliminate any possible fire hazards.

At Dryer Cleaning Today, we strongly recommend that you have your dryer vents professionally inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis. If you happen to notice issues such as excessive lint buildup, prolonged drying time, that your clothes are hotter than usual or other such issues, it is advised that you schedule an appointment to have your vents cleaned by one of our expert technicians to help prevent the possibility of a dryer fire.

There are quite a few telltale signs to indicate that your dryer is at risk for malfunctioning or catching on fire. Make sure to check out our extensive list of warning signs to make sure that you are not overlooking any of these indicators.

According to the National Fire Incident Reporting System from the U.S Fire Administration, clothes dryers cause approximately 15,000 residential fires annually, which can result in as many as 310 injuries, 84 million U.S. dollars’ worth of property damages and up to 10 fatalities. We strongly advise that you have your dryer vents inspected and cleaned yearly. Should you notice any warning signs, contact our expert team immediately.

At Dryer Vent Cleaning Today we offer the following services: inspection, maintenance, repairs, alterations and full installation of dryer vent systems. Our skilled team of technicians offsets the aforementioned services for both commercial and residential customers. We will arrive fully equipped and prepared to provide full service so that we can render any and all services during the initial appointment without the need to schedule a follow up appointment. We will work diligently to ensure that your dryer is efficient as well as safe.

Given that every household or business is different, we will provide an estimate once a full diagnostic inspection has been performed. This will help us to identify the extent of the problem with the dryer vent to enable us to give an accurate estimate as well as the recommended solution to the specific issue.

Why is yearly vent cleaning needed? Are there any benefits to annual maintenance?

In addition to preventing dryer fires and improving the efficiency of your dryer, you will notice lower energy costs as your dryer will not have to work as hard to fully dry your clothes. On average, consumers can save up to $24 a month due to lower dryer times. As well, your clothes will last longer as they will not have to be dried repeatedly. Check out our Vent Cleaning Benefits page to read more about the benefits of regular dryer vent cleaning

Believe it or not, the terms dryer duct and dryer vents are interchangeable. The name usually varies by the region in which you reside or the brand name of your dryer. Whether you call it, Dryer Vent Cleaning Today is here to help! Call us today to schedule a routine inspection and cleaning for your dryer duct or dryer vent!

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